Consultancy Services

The global business environment is changing so rapidly that no organization can hope to employ all the skills and knowledge it requires at any one time. For this reason, private and public sector organizations employ external expertise and specialist advice when such a need is identified.

Audit and Assurance

Businesses need to record their transactions and summarise them in the form of financial statements which enables shareholders and other stakeholders to understand the position of the business & returns on the input. Current national and international standards especially in the current competitive global environment require that business information be summarized into a set of financial statements and duly audited by the auditors.

We carry out audit assignments in the most professional manner while employing efficient, effective and reliable audit procedures.

Our audits are carried out as per the our audit procedures manual, based on international standards on auditing.

We conduct internal audits ranging from complete outsourcing arrangements to setting up an internal audit function. We are able to provide clients with assurance that the right systems and controls are in place, assets are safe guarded, funds properly used and compliance with legislation.

Internal audit procedures are tailored to each client’s requirements as well as industry Specific needs. A high level of technical involvement in each audit undertaken gives client a sense of security and regular contact to deal with. Our team take time to structure the audit and the audit plan is developed in consultation with client. In this way, we can help client achieve the greatest value by focusing on specific needs andby relying on their understanding of the business.

Project, Planning and Management

We are proud to be associated with professional, skilled, experienced and motivated team of project planners, managers and research experts.

We develop project proposals based on clients’ vision and mission statements, conduct Base line surveys/situational analysis for project areas, training needs assessments, carry out mid-term and final project evaluations, conduct program reviews and manage Projects/programs on behalf of our clients.

Developing organizational strategic plans, provide resource mobilization and linkage techniques, conduct research studies and offer wide range of technical expertise in all Areas of organizational development and management.

Designing and establishment of M&E systems, project management information systems and project programming. We apply user friendly & sophisticated technologies that suit our Clients’ technical and financial base.

Long Term Business Planning

We formulate business plans using a bottom up participative approach, detailing the organization’s mission, objectives and goals with strategies of how to achieve the expected goals. Setting both financial and non- financial parameters in which the business will operate.

Design of Accounting Systems

Setting up financial and cost accounting systems, effective treasury systems and management of debtors and creditors.

Review, Design and Documentation of Policies and Procedures

We review the company’s operational policies and procedures, advising on organizational/industry best practices and documentation, and facilitating implementationby providing appropriate training.

Business Profitability and Cash Flow Management

Preparation of costs, revenues and cash flow projections including variance analysis. We also undertake product costing, inventory controls, design of purchasing systems, and formulation of growth strategies. The aim is to organize data capture and the processes that generates management information, focusing on cost reduction and identification of non-performing units.

Financial Advisory

Careful and innovative financial thinking is the cornerstone of any organizations’ business strategy. As financial professionals we provide a broad range of advice to our clients in that respect.

Project Feasibility Studies

We undertake project feasibility studies to ensure that new project expansions being under taken are feasible, viable and sustainable over the long run. This involves identifying what a certain course of action, whether financial or strategic, will cost in real terms and how it will impact the business

Business Valuations

We provide professional services valuing businesses and their individual components. Valuation depends onnature of the exercise such as acquisitions, restructuring, share holder buy out, tax appeals or litigation.

Taxation Services

Proper tax planning and advice is of greatest essence in ensuring that the client pays appropriate tax, and is not subject to penalty.

Our ranges of tax services offered include: -

  • Tax Planning
  • Acting as tax agents for submission of returns, as well as attending routine queries from tax authorities
  • Dealing with the Income tax and VAT applications, as well as Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and NSSF for National and Ex-patriot staff
  • Assisting in getting tax exemption status

Company Secretarial Practice:

We provide services of, registering new company, drafting of memorandum & articles of association & professional company secretarial services.

Other Services

  • Accounting Assignments
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Company Liquidation
  • Stock Audit as per client requirements
  • Forensic Accounting
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